Exporting Games from Chess Hounds

Chess Software
ChessMaster 8000 (Win95/98)
ChessMaster 9000 (Win98/Me/XP)
Games can be exported from Chess Hounds in a format suitable for loading into a chess program on your computer for playback and analysis. Note the following:
  • Games are exported in standard PGN format, and should be saved in a file with the extension ".PGN".
  • If you have QuickTime installed, the file may incorrectly identified as a GIF image. This won't keep you from opening it from your chess program, but may cause it to fail to open if you double click it.
  • To simplify the export process, we always indicate the square from which a piece is moving even if it is unambiguous. The one exception is with pawns (since ChessMaster chokes on files where the pawn's source square is indicated when unambiguous). Depending on how flexible your software's import code is, you may need to delete some of the source square names from the file to get it to import.
Note: To export games, you must be a Premium Member.
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