Send us a photo of your Chess Hound
We are collecting photographs of dogs to make a "Chess Hounds" set of chess pieces for use on our online play board. Players will be able to choose between the dogs set or one of the two currently available sets by clicking "options" in the game window and selecting the desired pieces.

Send your photos either by email to or by mail to:

Gecko Tribe, LLC
PO Box 5835
Grand Island, NE

If you wish to have your photograph returned, please include a self addressed stamped envelope.

Photographs should follow these guidelines:

  • Photos should be profile shots, taken from directly to one side, level with the the dog's head or body.
  • The dog should be either standing or sitting up.
  • Feel free to send the photo without cropping or scaling it. We can take care of that.
  • Very dark and very light dogs are preferred, since it will be more obvious whether they are black or white pieces.
We will create a page showing the names of all the dogs selected and the username of the owner. If you wish to include any other information about your dog, let us know, and we will include what we can.

We are also considering building a page for photos of dogs with chess boards, in attire somehow related to chess, etc. If we receive interesting photos of that type, we will build the page.

By submitting your photograph, you grant Gecko Tribe, LLC a perpetual, non-exclusive license to use the photograph in any manner without consideration, other than the crediting of the photo to you and any other commitments made on this page.

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