Doodle Chess

Doodle Chess is a shareware chess game you play in a web browser. You may download a copy for Macintosh (StuffIt archive - 29K), Windows (ZIP archive - 26K) or UNIX/Linux/xBSD (tar/gzip archive - 21K).

Try it out here:
You can play Doodle Chess here.

Register your copy:
The registration fee for Doodle Chess has been suspended for the time being. Feel free to use it at no charge.

New Versions:
4/18/2002: Version 1.1.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Contains two sets of game pieces--a standard set, and the original "doodles" set.
  • You can switch game pieces during the game.
  • Options have been moved to a popup window instead of cluttering the playing window.
1/15/2002: Version 1.0.1 includes the following improvements:
  • The selected piece blinks until it is moved.
  • You may optionally allow players to change the piece they have selected before moving.
  • Bug fix: Correctly reports checkmate when the king is prevented from taking the checking piece by another piece attacking the position of the checking piece.
Make your own graphics:
With Doodle Chess, you can easily make your own graphics to replace the standard game pieces. Simply create a set of GIFs 40 pixels by 40 pixels in size (we recommend making the background transparent). Create a sub-folder in the "img" folder and put your images in it. Give them the same names as the images in one of the existing sub-folders.

You will also need to add a line to "doodle_chess.html": after line 980 (almost the end of the file), add a line like this:

<option value="yourfoldername">Your Image Set Name</option>

where "yourfoldername" is the name of the sub-folder where your images are found, and "Your Image Set Name" is whatever name you want to give your images. You will then be able to select your image set from the options box.

We will gladly make a link to any web site distributing alternative graphic sets for Doodle Chess provided:

  • You link back to Chess Hounds ( from your site.
  • The graphics and the contents of your site do not contain anything we consider unsuitable for children.
A few notes:
  • You may redistribute the Doodle Chess archives as long as they are provided free of charge and have not been modified in any way.
  • If you distribute alternative graphic sets for Doodle Chess, they must be distributed in a separate archive from Doodle Chess.
  • No other redistribution of any of the contents of the Doodle Chess archives is permitted.
  • Doodle Chess is played against a human opponent (not the computer), and both players must be at the same computer--it does not run over a network. To play online, click here.
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